Many people fall into the trap of all or nothing thinking at some point or maybe regarding one specific topic in their life. But this type of thinking tends to plague others in all that they do.

To truly be able to move forward in life, through all its ups and downs, it’s important to learn how to move past the all or nothing mentality.

Finding ways to live in the shades of grey that exist in this life will help you transition to healthier views of your goals and progress.

What is all or nothing thinking?

One chocolate chip cookie equals a failed diet.


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A Dream with an Expiration Date

Being 40 and childless was probably my biggest fear when I was young.

I wasn’t worried about normal kid stuff. I feared being single and childless.

The future I wanted seemed so very attainable, and yet here I sit just shy of my 40th birthday with no children and a high probability that will not change.

Being childless not by choice has been the biggest source of my sadness in recent years.

Many will tell me “how lucky” I am, and although I know those words were not meant to be hurtful they sting more than any other words could.

5 Reasons to Change your Internal Conversation

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Okay, be honest with yourself.

Have you ever said something so mean to yourself that you wouldn’t even say to your worst enemy?

Think about the negative things you say to yourself on a daily basis. Do you ever say you are too fat, too ugly, not smart enough?

We sometimes lie to ourselves and say all of those harsh comments are used to motivate ourselves. What we are actually doing is tearing ourselves down and building fear within our hearts.

This will keep us from pursuing our dreams and attaining our best life.

So are you ready to get…

Because You are Worth It

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Self Love is the ultimate skill to master. Learning how to love yourself will provide you with the confidence and motivation to tackle your biggest goals and reach your true potential.

This guide will provide you with a series of action steps you can take to increase your self love. In addition read inspirational quotes about self love, why it’s so hard to love yourself and how self love can impact your life.

Choose unconditional self love. Be sure to #loveyourself.

“Self-love for ever creeps out, like a snake, to sting anything which happens to stumble upon it.” Lord Byron

Why Self Love is so Hard

The stress of the day has slowly been swallowing you up.

You feel lost, broken down, and like you have nothing left to give.

And at that exact moment, more is asked of you.

Your heart begins to race, your palms start to sweat and your eyes begin to well up.

The weight of stress feels like an elephant has just landed on your chest. And all the air has left your body.

Stress is ruling your life, making your decisions, and clouding your judgment and priorities.

What if there was a way for you to regain control?

A way…

And Always Wear Lipstick

Photo Credit: Courtney Wright

My grandmother was independent, strong, and the center of attention at any event she attended.

She would have it no other way.

For her entire life, or at least the short part I knew, her motto was dress to impress, speak your mind, have a great hairdo, and ALWAYS wear lipstick.

Speak Your Mind

Because of her love of anything that had to do with appearance, she was known to be a little rough around the edges when it came to your appearance.

If you put on a few pounds she was sure to tell you. She never liked it if you dyed…

Change your Narrative, Change your Life

Photo Credit: Courtney Wright

Ugh, I screwed up again.

I am a failure. Nothing I do works out well.

My life is just one bad thing after another.

Why is it that we are all comfortable saying things like this to ourselves, but when it comes to positive self talk we call it dorky or forced.

Truthfully, I have rolled my eyes on more than one occasion when someone suggested that I start using affirmations.

But once I caved and started trying out affirmations in my own life, I was shocked at the power they had.

Your negative self talk is running your life…

Stop Holding Yourself Back

Photo Credit: Daniel Greene

A while back I went to a party thrown at a conference and even though I love to dance I found myself sitting in the corner bouncing to the music but never truly allowing myself to be free and dance.

I was far too insecure to do such a thing. What if people laughed? What if someone questioned why I thought it was okay to dance? Would this group of people think I was overly intoxicated?

My insecurities held me firmly in my chair. Later on, many people were talking about what great connections they made out on the dance…

Living Life with Inner Peace

Let’s talk for a bit about mistakes because we all make them.

The important thing to focus on is how you treat yourself after you make a poor choice.

Do you forgive yourself or do you hang on to these choices with guilt and shame?

Are you able to live with a strong sense of inner peace or do you allow your brain to be flooded with a dark sense of worry?

Learn to forgive yourself and find inner peace that can help you be strong in any situation life throws at you.

Here are 11 ways you can work…

Courtney Wright

I am passionate about helping women focus on personal development to build the confidence they need to pursue their dreams.

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